Street Hawker for the Street Walkers

As the year progresses and Nike aggressively gives us nothing moments in sneaker history; the dunk era, for a lot of you that were just too young for the fab-you-less times no discord era, let me in Enlighten you a bit of the crafiest shoe in Nike history. 
    Sneaker heads it’s been a crazy two years from the resurrection of the Nike dunks, as well as various companies putting their variant twist to a heavily patented silhouette. Jason Deng lets us All wonder thru the delectable 6 region Chinese street food woven into the upper sole of the world’s greatest skate shoe. Deng gives us a Beauteous knock out of watercolors & vibrant designs depicting Chinese food staples. Formally known as the Nike SB Dunk Low “CNY” will be a very sought after collectors and this “slate shop” exclusive will be hard to attain from the in store to the numerous online and Instagram raffles that never seem to go our way!
     Trust fam I feel your pain, I to became a mortal and stepped off the Mt. Olympus of the sneaker world and taken quite a few more Ls then normal! Good thing I geared up and teamed up with the highly secretive but greatly informative Discord group L.A. NOTIFY we going chase the win & make sure we touch this instant Dunk classic. So collectors and resellers; on your mark, get set, let’s go to The nearest skate shop and May the sneaker gods be with you.